Sissy Crossdresser Movies

Most sissy crossdresser movies evolve around the theme of the transformation of a man into a woman. Typical subthemes include visual imagery of mostly men getting dressed in female clothes, underwear, stockings, shoes, etc, engaging in sex with other (straight or gay) men, or with women with strap-ons acting as men.

The advertising blurps for these movies capture what the viewer can expect to see:  "Riding stiff dicks in female clothes - Feel lacy female clothes caressing your body and rock hard throbbing dick pumping your tight ass! Sissified and sucking cock - Guys dressed like girls enjoy mouthful of dicks, get facials and eat cum." Others include themes like " Tongue kisses - Wet lipstick kiss with a sissy guy dressed in female clothes. Male whores - Crossdresser guys who love whoring in female clothes and seduce straight guys into having hot sissy sex with them."

The themes can range from the ordinary to the extreme, where mild to severe forms of humiliation and degradation serve as the central plot of the movie. Like all pornographic material, these movies are primarily about fantasy, and generally serve as a sexual outlet for viewers of any sexual orientation. The fact that some people look at transsexual, gay or sissy crossdresser movies does not entitle one to make any particular conclusions about the person' sexuality. The latter is far too complicated an issue.

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