Sissy Boy Crossdresser

A sissy is someone who wears women's clothing and/or plays with dolls. The mildest and most common form is a straight guy who sometimes wears women's panties to bed and/or for sex with his girlfriend or wife. The wearing of panties and brassières and/or nighties to bed is the next most common step. Other general variations add other articles of intimate women's wear, such as high heels, skirts stockings, corsets, dresses, etc., finally taking on diverse forms of fetish costumes (most usually sissy maid, slut/whore, schoolgirl, and cheerleader), wigs, and/or makeup. Play with dolls may or may not be mixed with wearing women's clothing. Anal sex (with the woman wearing a strap-on dildo) and/or cunnilingus are common activities among straight sissies.

Most sissies are part time sissies, normal heterosexuals who from time to time put on women's panties or other feminine lingerie, usually for masturbation (with or without an inflatable doll). Sleeping in panties and bra, or panties and nightgown, are likewise common part-time sissy activities. Some part time sissies occasionally have cross dressing sex with their girlfriend or wife.

Increasing levels of sissidom include full time cross dressing, extremes of bondage, and other fetish play. Some sissies are temporarily in a changeover state leading to sex change surgery.

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