Gay Sissy Crossdresser

Gay sissy crossdressers search for a homosexual relationship with one or more men. In their sex fantasies gay sissy crossdressers are often dressed up (or disguised) as a gorgeous woman that is being sexually penetrated by a strong muscular man. This fantasy is often elaborated in gay sissy pornographic materials by the wearing of soft and silky female clothes, female shoes, stockings, wigs and make-up.

To gay sissy crossdressers, having sex with a man while disguised as a woman is something very special, and hence it becomes a fantasy ritual that tends to be repeated in gay sissy pornographic materials and theatre. In addition, immense pleasure is derived from being "screwed hard" and sprayed with a gay man's semen.

Some gay sissy crossdressers report being labeled as 'sissies' during childhood, while others also admitted to practicing what society would call gender-inappropriate behavior as children; dressing up in women's clothes or underwear, for instance. Many others said that as effeminate boys or sissies, they were physically and verbally harassed, which made them feel worthless. It is interesting to note that themes of humiliation and dehumanization come to play important roles in the adult lives of some gay sissy crossdressers, as a means of dealing with earlier experiences.

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