Forced Crossdressing Stories

A married man shares his story of being forced by his wife into cross dressing and humiliation. She told him to put on the clothes she had laid out for the both of them. He liked to put his panties on first, then the garter belt, running the tabs through the panties, then the stockings. He said it was quite a sexy feeling, pulling the stockings up his smooth, hairless legs. He was horny as he'd ever been, and his now also hairless cock was straining at the front of his panties, a feeling he very much particularly liked. She seemed to think it was weird to put on the panties then the garter belt rather than the other way around, but didn't say anything. He noticed that she had completely shaved her pubic area, which he had tried on numerous occasions to get her to do. Something else new and exciting! As he pulled the nightie over his head, he was feeling pretty light-headed and realized that she had spiked his water. He passed out as he was putting on his shoes.

When he woke up, he was in the uncomfortable position of being face down on the bed, with the torso of his body draped over a stool (which was mercifully covered with a soft, thick towel) so that he was looking down on the bed, with his knees and lower legs actually on the bed. His wrists were fastened with fuzzy cuffs she used before. His ankles were similarly strapped at the foot of the bed. He was strapped to the stool with a long belt around his waist, which he could easily undo if his hands were free.

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