Crossdressing Stories Fiction

Crossdressing fiction stories are usually classed together with transgender fiction, crossdressing and transvestite stories, and transsexual stories. Many of the story themes reflect closely the real life events of many cross dressers, and often serve as cathartic mechanisms for both the writer and reader. Like all fiction, the purpose of crossdressing fiction is to embody certain truths about human life in general, and certain truths about human sexuality in this particular genre.

Stories dealing with crossdressers involve familiar themes in crossdresser's lives: the crossdressers first experience, where there are no physical changes. Then there are stories in which the main character is changed into a young girl and must deal with the everyday life of a teenager. In other stories the main character is totally changed into a woman and has to deal with living in a contemporary setting. The transformations will tend to involve professional job such as secretary, nurse, stewardess, etc.

There are also those which deal with standard themes involving more riskier and "serious" matters: stories where the main character is changed by a girlfriend, wife or friend against his will. The change may be permanent or temporary, and mild submission and forced feminization are highlighted. Sissy stories involving domination, humiliation, and submission are also prevalent themes.

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