Cross Dresser Panties

Since the vast majority of cross dressers are straight heterosexual men, wearing women's panties have nothing to do with being gay, as far as they are concerned. Various cross dressers have pointed out that the motivations for wearing panties are manifold.

Even heterosexual men who are not cross dressers but who wear panties from time to time do so because they are far more comfortable to wear than men's briefs. For most cross dressers however wearing panties make them feel intensely sexy in a feminine way, and some report experiencing erections when putting panties on. And, the sexier they are, the better. Some have commented that panties are very sensuous and that wearing them gives the wearer erotic feelings.

As there is a general sense of psychological and emotional well-being derived from cross dressing for cross dressers, so there is with wearing panties in particular. Many cross dressers feel that wearing panties make them feel happy and self confident. Some say that it is as if they live in a pleasurable dream or fantasy when wearing panties.

It is also important to many cross dressers that meticulous attention is paid to panties in detail. For example, some stick to wearing particular colors, while others are very concerned about whether or not they are wearing lace, ruffles, bows and tie sides in feminine colors such as pink, lilac, or light yellow.


Some type of panties are preferred to others because they have a practical function in that they serve to hide the unseemly and unfeminine bulge in front which does not contribute to the feel and image of femininity.

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