Cross Dresser Shoes

Cross dresser males know that in general, there is a different relationship dynamic involved between women and clothes, on the one hand, and men and the clothes they wear, on the other hand. For example, they know that women are far more aware of, and pay more attention to, shoe language than men in general.

Cross dresser men, like most women, choose and wear shoes to communicate a particular message. The message is largely one of sexual attraction and sensuality. Even the manner in which certain kinds of shoes exert pressure on the foot, or how much naked skin gets revealed by certain kinds of shoes are important to consider when deciding which shoes to buy or wear.

Cross dresser footwear comes in a variety of shapes, styles, colors and sizes; they include cross dressing shoes, cross dressing heels, boots and even sexy slippers. Some stores also have them custom made. These shoes are often sold together with hosiery for men including pantyhose, fishnet stockings, opaque tights, body stockings, thigh-high stockings, gaffs and panties in large sizes for men.

The designers of cross dresser shoes take great care in satisfying the dressing needs of their mostly male clientele. For instance, they know that men who wear high heels need a wider width and larger size shoes than women. Since the role of fantasy and the imagination is key when it comes to the meaning of shoes to women and cross dresser men in general, cross dresser shoe stores are also frequented by many heterosexual women.

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