Cross Dresser Lingerie

When cross dressers wear lingerie they are deriving pleasure from the fact and act of indulging their fantasies about deliberately (and secretly) transgressing social norms about what is considered gender appropriate behavior. There is a psychological benefit in invoking and transgressing what is socially considered as taboo.

Lingerie in our society is strongly associated with an aspect women's bodies; its sensuality, sexuality, seductiveness and exquisite femininity. When male cross dressers wear lingerie it heightens their fantasy experience of femininity intensely, especially as far as female sensuality and sexuality is concerned. Wearing lingerie thus further adds to the excitement of the general cross dressing experience.

Some cross dressing lingerie are designed to not only heighten the feel of femininity for male cross dressers, but also adds to the look of the feminine body. For example, a lingerie garment that looks similar to a bra when worn is designed to push the flesh from the chest and underarms up and out the top, creating real cleavage. In this way male cross dressers can indulge in the very convincing illusion of the experience of not just femininity, but the feel and look of erotic femininity specifically.

Cross dresser lingerie is a key part of a cross dresser's attire that helps to make the cross dressing experience and transformation complete and wholly satisfactory.

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